It's no secret that I love a good Christmas jumper (just check the stash I have tucked away under my bed from the last five years) and when it comes to picking the right festive attire, it's usually the tackier the better. This December though I've gone down a completely different route with an understated grey number from H&M.

Being a fan of the monochrome wardrobe - black, grey and white make up the majority of my outfits these days, this slots in perfectly and the simple 'Dear Santa, I Want It All' slogan written in cute silver balls which A) couldn't be more relevant and B) adds just the right festive touch.

It's also a jumper I'm not ashamed to be seen wearing in public - unlike the bright red light up snowman equipped with 3D nose and scarf I have somewhere in my collection, and have happily wandered around in it all week with Mariah Carey playing on repeat in my head.

Have you found this year's Christmas jumper yet?