November 09, 2015

Taking You Through My Skincare Routine

By now I'm sure you're all well aware of my love for skincare - seriously, give me a cup of tea and a box of products and I will chat to you about them for hours. More recently I've been favouring a more laid back approach to my routine, missing out a few steps that aren't always necessary and using just a handful of products that I know work for me. Also, as we're now in the coldest part of the year I'm having to deal with a complete lack of moisture - dry skin people, ya feel me, so I've had to pick products that are basically the equivalent of dipping my head in a bucket of water every five minutes!

I've managed the impossible though (in my product hoarding head anyway) and skimmed my routine down to just five essential products that I use daily: cleaning oil, eye make up remover, cleansing balm, moisturiser and eye cream. Then there's a few extras that I like to throw in every so often when I feel like my skin needs it - something for extra dry days, something pore un-clogging and something exfoliating for when my face decided to look as flat as a pancake. I've been enjoying this prescriptive approach to my routine and hope there's something to be taken from it for anyone looking to get into skincare without having to accumulate a mountain of products!

October 19, 2015

Autumn Smokey Make Up Using the Lorac Pro Palette

A lot of the time Autumn make up looks tend to be all about dark lips, which, don't get me wrong I'm totally in favour of, but as well as making the most of berry toned products this season I've also been opting for a Fall inspired dusky nude, the likes of which even Kylie Jenner would be proud of. Enter two MAC lipsticks I never thought I'd own but two that I'm totally enjoying using nonetheless, Velvet Teddy and Mehr. Pair with a slightly vampy matte brown smokey eye courtesy of the Lorac Pro Palette - something you seriously need to consider adding to your US beauty shopping list, and some fresh looking skin and you've got an Autumn look that I can't get enough of at the moment.

October 18, 2015

This Week: Feeling Autumnal

Are you bored of my harping on about how much I'm loving Autumn yet? No, didn't think so! I've spent my weekends recently (and in fact, any time I leave the house) wrapped up in layer upon layer of jumpers, scarves and coats - I'm definitely one of those people who always feels the cold! I've been living in this Zara black number since I bought it and love how easy it is to pair with practically every outfit. Plus it's super cosy and has pockets deep enough to hide half your arm!

Last Sunday I had an irrevocable craving for pancakes. I went to Twitter and even asked Instagram for your recommendations for a good pancake place in the South, but came up short. I wouldn't say I live in the complete middle of nowhere, but it definitely feels like that at times! Still determined though, we went for a drive and ended up at Josie's cafe in the sleepy little village of Bishops Waltham, a place that I've visited a few times before and one that I'd be willing to debate makes the best coffee in the South!

To my stomachs great relief there were pancakes on the menu, and when the plates arrived (we foolishly ordered two portions - don't do this!) there were absolutely stacked with the thickest, fluffiest pancakes my greedy eyes had ever seen. Suffice to say I did not finish my stack, not even half and a walk around the back streets were very much in order to work off the mountain of calories consumed in one sitting!

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October 17, 2015

What's In My Bag: Autumn Edition

Fancy another root around in my handbag this afternoon? I thought so! This burgundy across body satchel from Kurt Geiger is one of my favourites to date and the perfect colour and size to be my go-to Autumn carry all. Of course you'll find the usual suspects in there - keys, phone charger, more lip products than one person could ever need in a day (although you'll be surprised at the number I pulled out this time around!) but I've had to make a few space saving substitutions and in turn have learnt that we don't all need to be Mary Poppins when it comes to bag packing this season!

October 16, 2015

Suede on Black

Since my little wardrobe make over last week I've been fully embracing the Autumn colour palette. The crisp snap in the air is very welcome and I'm starting to feel super festive as we get closer to a handful of my favourite holidays! This suede skirt from New Look has become one of my favourite seasonal pieces, and when paired with a black turtle neck, also New Look, throws out some slight seventies vibes that I'm totally okay with.

With a leather jacket thrown on to toughen things up a little - this sale find from Urban Outfitters has become my new best friend, while also keeping in the warmth makes this one of my go-to looks right now and one where I'm definitely making the most of short lengths and tights before it gets really chilly and I'll be wanting to wear nothing but jeans and thick coats!

Jacket - Urban Outfitters | Jumper - New Look | Skirt - New Look | Boots - Topshop | Ring - Monica Vinader

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