October 21, 2014

Get Ready With Me: Everyday Autumn Make Up

It was only so long before I had pull out my collection of berry lipsticks and rusty toned shadows and fully embrace Autumnal make up, and this combination of a super simple one product smokey eye and deep burgundy lips has been my favourite look of the moment. Add in bold brows, fresh glowing skin and peachy cheeks and you've got what's become my go-to everyday Autumn make up!

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October 19, 2014

This Week: Brunch at The Creperie

Eating crepes, chatting about blogging and browsing make up counters all rank very highly on my list of favourite things to do, so when all three are combined and in the company of two of the loveliest girls; Suzie and Tanya, that makes for one perfect afternoon. Yesterday we tucked ourselves away downstairs at The Creperie in Brighton and chatted for so long it took us nearly an hour to actually get down to business and order. After a quick glance over the menu - which is enough to make your mouth water, we soon rectified that with a plate full of Nutella and Strawberry goodness.

After a wander around the shops and a small 'Who am I!?' moment upon realising I was the only one that hadn't made a purchase, Suzie and I headed back to her's for tea, cupcakes and some cuddles with Nala who I can confirm is just as adorable in real life, if not more so. We also filmed a few videos for our channels which you can see next Sunday and judging by the amount of giggling, forgetting what to say, going off on a tangent about absolutely everything and copious amounts of hair re-juszhing, it's going to be a good one!

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October 17, 2014

New In: Three From Space NK

If there's anything my rather eye watering bank statements have taught me, it's not to go shopping during any sort of emotional crisis and more importantly to avoid Space NK during such a time at all costs. However, after a particularly frustrating day last week I was drawn like a moth to a flame into the warm embrace of beauty junkie heaven and decided to treat myself to a few bits that had been on my mind for a while. Cosmetics are my therapy.

A browse of the NARS counter was first priority and despite the recent launch of their new Audacious Lipsticks I found myself taken by the sheer peachy tones of Barbarella, a lipstick that's truly been around forever and one I'm sure all firm NARS lovers have owned at least once. One of the main reasons I'm often seen sporting a bold lip is the never ending search to find the right 'your lips but better' colour. Favourites may come and go but I've never settled on one perfect combination of shade, formula and texture that I'm happy to wear on an everyday basis, however that may all be about to change as Barbarella is possibly the most flattering nude I've found yet.

I've been struggling with a mild case of dehydrated skin since the colder weather hit (although reaching for a bottle of water instead of that second coffee in the afternoon would probably do the trick) and needed a new morning cleanser after running out of my favourite from Radical Skincare. As hydrating as it is I wanted something with a richer texture and picked up the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel as it's replacement. Misleading name aside this is actually more of an oily balm with a host of skin loving vitamins, fruit enzymes and cooling agents to hydrate, sooth and perk up tired skin. After only a weeks use it's become a stand out favourite in my skincare routine - so much so I've even been using it in the evenings too. Who'd have though I'd become a one cleanser kind of girl?

Deciding to cover all bases I also headed over to the look at the Oribe goodies (is there a more beautiful packaged hair care brand out there?) where the Apr├Ęs Beach Spray caught my eye after learning that it can be used on both wet and dry hair. Is it a salt spray, a texturiser? I'm still not sure, but this really is the answer to volume after a blow dry without having to use a thick, sticky mousse. It's weightless and invisible but adds so much workability and texture there's really no need to use any other products after a few sprays through the lengths and roots. I fear my little can won't be lasting too long..

Have you been naughty in Space NK recently?

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October 14, 2014

Topshop, H&M + Missguided Haul

It's been a while since a fashion haul graced these parts, if I remember rightly there were definitely flowery dresses and shorts involved so I'm talking over a year ago.. Autumn really has hit this month, not only with the weather change that's had me dusting off the central heating controls for the first time since last October but the Autumn themed fashion in the shops right now that I just can't get enough of. Stripes and chunky knits seem to be a theme throughout but I've been adding a few pops of colour here and there with some item's from Missguided and H&M - who at the moment can do no wrong in my eyes. Plus, for those who manage to stick around until the end, I've got one big boyfriend jeans related dilemma that I'm calling on you for help with!

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October 08, 2014

Last of the Summer Sun

During a quick stroll down to the sea last week we managed to catch what I'm convinced was the last of the Summer sun - seeing as it's yet to make a reappearance, and took advantage of the light to snap some photos. Coincidentally I happened to match the background in this slouchy green check shirt from H&M that I've been living in most weekends (remind me to pick one up in every other colour) although it won't be long until the leaves start turning orange and Autumn is officially here! Ripped jeans and Birks have also been a staple in my wardrobe recently, although sadly I think it might be time to retire the sandals and switch back to boots after my toes started to get rather chilly on the walk home.

Looking back at the I Covet Thee archives this seems to be my first proper outfit post in over a year - how did that happen!? After the amazing response from my Style Favourites Video I've decided it's about time I re-introduced the style post, so fingers crossed if all goes to plan and my reluctant camera man/boyfriend doesn't mind too much you'll be seeing a lot more to come in the future. For now though keep an eye out this Sunday for a haul in which I attempt to raid the majority of Topshop, H&M and Missguided's stocks!

Flannel Shirt - H&M | Jeans - Asos Ridley | Fedora - Miss Selfridge | Shoes - Birkenstock

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