This Week: In Bruges


Another week, another amazing city! I'm beginning to feel just slightly like a jet setter.. although eight hours on a coach and a rather woozy ferry ride didn't feel too luxurious at the time. A few little breaks that have been in the pipeline for a long time all seemed to have fallen within the same two months and honestly, I'm absolutely exhausted! Last year Darren organised a trip for us to see the Belgium F1 Grand Prix, which I have a sneaking suspicion was more for his benefit than mine, not that I was complaining when Jenson Button drove past us in a convertible - hands up who loves the JB ladies! Not only did we get to spend a few fun (although rather soggy) days at the track, we also got to explore Belgium itself a little.

Bruges was our last stop and turned to be my favourite of them all, despite the gloomy weather following us there. A hundred chocolate shops dotted around some of the most beautiful architecture I've ever seen, with cobbled streets and horse drawn carriages around every corner, it was perfect! Of course we couldn't come to Belgium and not get a waffle so, drawn in like flies to it's beautiful lightbulb sign, we stopped off at Oyya. I went for the classic chocolate and strawberries and oh my, was it tasty - Darren had the same with extra Oreos on top!

After one last trip to the marzipan shop (who knew!?) to stock on that sugary goodness, we left with sad faces and full tummies. Until next time Bruges, you were lovely!

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