On the rare occassion that a food post pops up on I Covet Thee you can pretty much guarantee it's going to be Cupcake related. Who want's a messy slice of cake when you can have your own individually sized bundle of joy! These simple vanilla cupcakes are my port of call whenever a BYOBG (bring your own baked goods) situation arises, and today it's my Mum's birthday!

You will need: 110g Unsalted Butter, 110g Caster Sugar, 2 Free Range Egg, 1 tsp Vanilla Extract, 110g Self Raising Flour, 2 tbsp Milk

Cream the butter and sugar together then add the eggs and vanilla, the trick to get the cupcakes light and fluffy is to really got to town on the mixture with a whisk. Fold in the flour and add the milk last.

I like to use deep cases for maximum cake output! This mixture makes 6 large cupcakes or 12 small ones. Now just bake for 25 minutes at 180°C (15 minutes for small) and let them cool before icing.

Through a lot of trial and not so tasty error I've found the perfect buttercream icing to top these with. Beat 140g unsalted butter with a whisk until it turns almost white, add 280g icing sugar and a splash of vanilla extract then colour and decorate as you see fit. I went for yellow and pink with some edible daisies. Yum yum!

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