Origins Never A Dull Moment & High-Potency Night-A-Mins

Origins is a brand that always excites me. I've loved everything I've tried from their range so far and wouldn't mind buying the whole lot to be honest! These are my two most recent purchases and although I haven't quite tested them out to the fullest, I though I'd do a little post on my first impressions.

The High-Potency Night-A-Mins is something I've been after for a long long time. Its a mineral enriched radiance booster that's full of vitamins and moisture replenishers to help reduce the appearance of dullness. I went for the regular Night-A-Mins, however there is an oil-free version as well. The first thing I noticed when using this is the beautiful orange smell it has, very soothing to use right before bed. Used alone I did find it quite hard to work into the skin, but when applying my usual night time Serum, Estée Lauders Advance Night Repair, it became a lot easier to smooth on. The product feels very hydrating at first but by the time I wake up this tends to completely sink into my skin leaving it feeling slightly tight and uncomfortable. I've actually been using a thin layer of the Origin's Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask on top to give it a bit of a boost, so I think this is going to be better for those with a normal skin type whereas mine is quite dry at the moment.

The Never a Dull Moment Scrub was also slightly different than I was expecting. I did mention in a recent haul video that this was ridiculously priced at £31 - astronomical for a face scrub, but it seems that I've been overcharged as everywhere except Boots is selling it for around £24 (which angered me just tad). The exfoliating beads in this are very small and sparse in the thick gel formula. I was a bit worried at first thinking I'd wasted all that money on something that barely touched my dry patches, however after a quick scrub I left this on for about five minutes, letting the Papaya enzymes work away at removing the top layer of dead skin cells very gently. I've used this two or three times now and each time my skin has looked radiant afterwards with little effort at all. I think this is going to turn out to be very similar to the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, one of my favourite exfoliating masks!

Have you bought anything from origins recently? What are your favourite products from the brand?

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