This Week #58

On Friday we decided to head up to London for a day of shopping, eating and general roaming about hoping that the Bank Holiday would have driven most of the crowds away. Arriving off the train absolutely ravenous we headed towards Spitalfields for a rendezvous with The Breakfast Club, only to find the line (although not as long as usual) still would have kept our hungry tums waiting for at least twenty minutes.

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream

Unfortunately being on the pastier side of things when it comes to skintone I'm always looking for products that are going to add a bit of a 'faux glow' to perk up my complexion from it's usual post-winter grey to something a little more human, while also sparing me a dreaded orange face that looks as if I've bee a little overzealous with the fake tan. Bronzers are the products I usually turn to for this but although they may be the easiest in terms of application, layering up powders can sometimes end up a draining all the life from my skin.

Barry M Does Pastels

I've been a big fan of the 'barely there' nail so far this year and haven't really been fussed with any new shades making their way into my collection unless hailing somewhere from the beige or neutral family. I've been enjoying the simple approach and a manicure that lasts twice as long - fellow lazy nail painters out there, aren't nudes just the best for disguising chips?

March Favourites

It's time for another round of beauty favourites and coming to you today are my pick of the best products from the month of March. See what made it into the edit from my latest Drugstore Haul, a blogger influenced Shampoo and Conditioner combo and few other new discoveries that have been repeatedly reached for over the last four weeks.

Tarte Comes to the UK

I've always been lured in by the idea of Tarte, after watching countless US beauty gurus rave about their products left right and centre and the wondrous words 'Amazonian Clay' being thrown around for years I've desperately wanted to get in on the action, however unless willing to part with a mighty expensive plane ticket over to America, there wasn't much hope at all.

May 31, 2011

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