This Week: In Bruges

Another week, another amazing city! I'm beginning to feel just slightly like a jet setter.. although eight hours on a coach and a rather woozy ferry ride didn't feel too luxurious at the time. A few little breaks that have been in the pipeline for a long time all seemed to have fallen within the same two months and honestly, I'm absolutely exhausted!

A Skincare Update

When I last posted about my morning and evening skincare routines back in March I promised to keep a more regular update on any changes to my regular line up of products. Since then a handful of new finds (and some golden oldies!) have been introduced and others substituted out completely so I decided it was about time to dedicate a video to my favourite subject!

A New Favourite Cleansing Balm

If there's one skincare product I enjoy the most, it's a good cleansing balm. The feeling of throwing a rich, oily layer right on top of make up and watching it melt away while indulging in a quick facial massage isn't a bad way to spend five minutes in the evening and makes the tedious step of taking it all off a little more bearable.

Paris Beauty Haul

When I found out I'd be taking a trip to Paris last month not only did I start planning the sights to see and places to go, but also which beauty products I wanted to pick up on our brief visit. From the lure of the French pharmacies, stocked to the brim with amazing skincare brands and a fair few products that are almost imposs

This Week: Cake at the Seaside

Before I start waffling on about cake, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all those who commented or tweeted me about yesterday's post. You truly warmed my heart and I feel so lucky to have such wonderful, understanding readers who have left me feeling refreshed, full of positivity and ready to start a new chapter of I Covet Thee.

May 31, 2011

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