This Week: A Birthday Trip to London

I've had quite the busy time this week (makes a change from my usual pyjama's on at 4pm schedule) and got whisked away to London for a long weekend which involved a good trawl of the shops - a haul could possibly be making it's way to you very soon, an amazing opportunity to go to Wimbledon to watch Andy Murray play on Centre Court and uh, not to mention probably the highest levels of giddy excitement I've experienced since I was thirteen after Darren surprised me with tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Undoubtedly one of the best experiences my inner child and I have ever had.

May Favourites

After a unintentional three week stint away from YouTube (not sure how that one happened, sorry!) I'm back with a round up of the best of the best in beauty from May - and let me tell you right now, it's a big one. From a new skincare combo I've been trialling with great results to a lipstick I can't confess enough love for and a retraction that needs to be issued after a not so friendly product diss, here are last month's favourites!

This Week: Gluten and Dairy Free Pancakes

After making the decision to eliminate gluten and dairy from the majority of my diet two months ago it's been quite the struggle to stay strict with my eating habits, especially when it came to cutting out all the sweet treats I was used to gorging on daily, packed full of things I really didn't need to be putting into my body.

New In from MAC: Studio Fix Powder

I went through a phase when I first got into make up that was all about MAC, MAC, MAC. I think any girl would look longingly at a brand that carries a million eyeshadow colours and want to have it all, but over the last year my interest has mostly died down.

The Summer Red

Although red lipstick will always be my one true love it's not a colour that I tend to gravitate towards during the warmer months as it's not hard for it to overpower the face when there's a lot of bright light around - and who wants to think about avoiding red smudges all over your face whilst chowing down on a giant ice cream cone?

May 31, 2011

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