This week has been a pretty cosy one. I've been tucked up in bed with my regular christmas flu which has (fingers crossed) almost gone now ready for the big day! Highlights of the week include me finishing my first MAC palette, sad little achivement I know. I found a few eyeshadows going on a blog sale for £5.00 each so I decided it was time my poor single little eyeshadow should have some company. From left to right, they are: Mythology, Woodwinked, All That Glitters and Cranberry. I caved and bought the Korres lip balm I mentioned in my last Wishlist too. Its really moisturising and smells delicious! Gives a really lovely pinky tint to the lips too.

The weather's been so awful this week I've been so glad I've stayed at home. So much rain! I wish it would just snow already. I've gotten really into lighting candles at the moment. There's nothing cosier than sitting in a room with a few glowing candles and a fully lit christmas tree. After hearing so many people mention it I really want to get the Christmas Cookie one from Yankee. Aslo found my first Christmas present under the tree. Exciting!

And of course, to finish, the obligatory hot chocolate of the week shot. This time with marshmallows.

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