Dropping in to say a quick hello and welcome to ICT 5.0. I've been blogging on this space for nearly nine years now which is a little unbelievable. I've seen blogs come and go and I've watched my interest and commitment to posting here waver with them. With the instantaneous platform of Instagram on offer, where in one click you can share your thoughts and photos with the world in digestible pieces alongside a curated feed of your favourite accounts, the detachment of a separate blog has become harder to manage.

It's turned this blog into a space where I feel the need to take more time, have a theme and goal in mind when posting. I want to make something significant for you here that establishes itself from the other social media I share on. Realistically though that's not been the case, and I've been asking myself this week, why this blog can't be just as fast paced and easy to run as the rest of these platforms?

So, from this point I Covet Thee will become a hub of all my online goings on, where you'll be able to find my latest video, what I'm wearing today, what's on my mind and all of the above. See you here!