At the beginning of the year I purchased an old Olympus Muji camera from eBay after being totally inspired by 35mm's revival, and if we're being honest by some of my biggest style crushes Lizzie and Lindsay - by far the coolest girls I follow on Instagram, am I right? I've had this roll of film waiting to be developed for weeks and haven't gotten round to doing anything with it until now. It took me nearly as long to fill up an entire roll after having a pretty quiet few months, but I love the photos that came out and how they give a little snapshot of my March and April.

This month will mark a year since Sam became a part of I Covet Thee as creative assistant. Working with a sibling could probably go one of two ways. Luckily we've managed to make it through twelve months with zero falling out - if you'd told me that ten years ago I'd never have believed you.

There may also have been the odd sneaky trip for Mexican food and margaritas, but I'm putting that down to me just being great boss ... I'm so happy with shape my content has been taking recently though and I think we've really fallen into a place that reflects everything I want this little space on the internet to embody.

At the end of March, Suzie and I decided it was time to get away for a little while and planned a long weekend at Soho Farmhouse for the two of us. The long weekend turned into a long Monday, no better way to start the working week by taking off! It's become a bit of a yearly tradition of ours to come here at the start of the year. We spent our there days away tucked up in the cosiest of log cabins, swimming, eating and having the most chill time.

If you fancy seeing video evidence of me making a fool out of myself on a bike while wearing a dressing gown, bikini & flip flops, there's a Highlight on my Instagram with snaps from the whole trip.

Copious amounts of room service were, of course, ordered. I even took a dip in the outdoor bath, which seemed like such a good idea when you're up to your neck in bubbles, watching ducks swim past, but getting in and out without flashing unsuspecting cabin neighbours proved a little tricky. Note to self: wear bikini next time.


April started off with blossoms and sunshine. I spent as much time as I could outside and dedicated most of my weekends to reading in the garden. I've recently started the long overdue process of renovating what began as a rectangular patch of grass and gravel, and I'm beyond excited to have a real place to sit and work outdoors this Summer. When browsing garden centres for plants becomes the highlight of your Sunday afternoon, you know you're really becoming a grown up.

I also made my first vintage bag purchase in April. If re-watching Sex and the City a thousand times has taught me anything, it's that twenty years later the fashion still holds up. Dior saddle bags and Fendi baguettes are making their way back, but after browsing through vintage bags on Vestiaire for hours I knew it had to be this Louis Vuitton bucket bag.

Bucket bags are all I want to carry at the moment, who's got time for straps now anyway? I never though I'd be the girl with the monogrammed Louis, but here we are. I adore it and it came to me in perfect condition for such a steal. There's still a tonne of them for sale pre-loved and I've only ever had good experiences with Vestiaire who check and authenticate everything they sell.