Current Favourites

Favourites are something I love sharing with you all, I spend a lot of time talking about things I've just bought, or products I'm trying out. But when I know something deserves to be in a video with the best of the bunch it's worth chatting about!

Beauty favourites have taken a bit of a back seat for me over the last few months. I'm either in a rut or a routine with the products I'm using as they really haven't changed much at all this year. A few new bits and pieces have still managed to slip through however, a testament I think to just how good they are if they're able to carve out a place alongside my long loved favourites.

A new mascara that I got extremely hyped up about when I heard it was launching, a new addition to already too large cream bronzer family which honestly, may be causing all the others to be neglected it's just that wonderful. I've also been way more interested in body products now that the sun's come out and with that my pasty, dehydrated limbs too.

I've also popped in some of my most worn items from the month. Spoiler - I've been living in shorts and a bikini on the weekends and they're both the most flattering I've ever found.

As always I've popped in what I've been reading recently -nearly six months into they year and the reading challenge I set myself in January hasn't been going too well but I managed to get through one entire book in May which is definitely better than last month. Enjoy watching and let me know what you think!

Shirt; Topshop | Jeans; Topshop | Necklace; Anna Lou of London | Bracelet; Daisy Jewellery