A How To on Wearing White

There's no denying that its absolutely freezing outside at the moment, and the fact that I'm sans jacket in these photos is either a near miracle or bordering on stupidity. I'll go with the former. As much as I love Autumn/Winter style; layering, dark colours and a whole lot of knitwear, it gets to this time of year where I start to miss putting together an outfit without having to consider which coat I'll be paring it with. Wearing lighter shades is also something I've been missing a lot and although, lets face it, I'd be more than happy wearing an all black outfit 99% of the year, I still like to dabble in the occasional pop or colour.

White can be a particularly hard shade to pull off in the colder seasons. I had a love affair with wearing nothing but back in Summer, and my wardrobe is still littered with floaty white dresses that I'd just love to be wearing right now. White in Winter though tends to work best when its reserved for knitwear and this funnel jumper from Topshop is one of my favourite throw on pieces at the moment. Its thick, warm and with it's 'not-quite-a-polo-neck' its a lot less bulky than some of the other roll neck knitwear in my collection.

Paired together with some Farleigh jeans from Asos, my favourite for a high waist, cropped ankle and - sharp inhale of breath here, knee rips (I just don't really think light denim is complete without them) and my first flats of the year and you've got yourself a Winter appropriate look with just a sniff of Spring in the air.


A Red Lip

Normally I wouldn't pair a red lip with something white but in Winter it just seems to work. I could talk your ear off about all the reds in my collection, but this is the one that's been on my lips and coincidentally, in the bottom of my handbag repeatedly at the moment. I've mentioned my love for Tom Ford Matte Lipsticks a whole lot in the past, and the shade Ruby Rush from the collection is the perfect red red. Its not blue toned, its not orange or pink. Its just red.

I'm sure a few of you are sitting there scripting your heads right now, but trust me, this is a lipstick to suit all. The formula is also one of the most pigmented I've ever come across and just the right amount of matte to not be drying but still give a velvety smooth finish.