By now I'm sure you're all well aware of my love for skincare - seriously, give me a cup of tea and a box of products and I will chat to you about them for hours. More recently I've been favouring a more laid back approach to my routine, missing out a few steps that aren't always necessary and using just a handful of products that I know work for me. Also, as we're now in the coldest part of the year I'm having to deal with a complete lack of moisture - dry skin people, ya feel me, so I've had to pick products that are basically the equivalent of dipping my head in a bucket of water every five minutes!

I've managed the impossible though (in my product hoarding head anyway) and skimmed my routine down to just five essential products that I use daily: cleaning oil, eye make up remover, cleansing balm, moisturiser and eye cream. Then there's a few extras that I like to throw in every so often when I feel like my skin needs it - something for extra dry days, something pore un-clogging and something exfoliating for when my face decided to look as flat as a pancake. I've been enjoying this prescriptive approach to my routine and hope there's something to be taken from it for anyone looking to get into skincare without having to accumulate a mountain of products!

Current Skincare Routine