Apart from the one glorious day of sunshine we had a few weekends back where I successfully burnt my shoulders to a crisp (cut out dresses are not to be trusted) I'd be willing to bet that the warm weather won't be making an appearance again until next year now. Sadly, I've remained the same pasty hue all Summer long, thanks to my skin's refusal to become the bronzed godess I want it to be while also keeping on top of SPF application. Faking it has become a whole lot easier these days though and it's an option I'll always pick over risking my skin in the Sun, so I though I'd share my 'so-simple-its-barely-a-routine' tanning routine with you today!

As far as fake tan and I go, it's taken many years of orange patches, mistakes and tears to get it right and find the products that work well for me. First of all, my absolute Holy Grail tan in the mix; St Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse. The Lazy Girl's dream. Just pop this all over for an hour to three - depending on how dark you want to be, rinse off and go. The thing I hate most about fake tan is having to sleep in it (my poor white bed sheets will back me up here) and the Express Tan eliminates this altogether. The colour, as always with St Tropez, is just the right balance between warm toned and olive so there's never any orange nightmares with this one.

For top ups, I've been reaching for the In Shower Gradual Tanner*, also from St Tropez. This product really is a revelation, and one that I'm still trying to get my head around. You pop into the shower, wet your skin and then apply a layer of this thick lotion all over. Leave for three minutes (I find playing some music is essential for timing this!) and then rinse away and pat dry. There's no guide colour left on the skin, no sticky texture and a few hours later you will have magically developed a golden sheen. The formula is definitely gradual, so if you're using this one alone it might take a few days to get a deeper colour, but it's the perfect product for topping up inbetween!

Usually I leave my face alone and compensate with extra bronzer, but on the occasion I want to go make up free without worrying about matching my skin to my neck, I use the Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser For Face* (I'm also a fan of the version for body!). On it's own this works well as a light weight moisturiser and after a few uses adds a touch of colour to my complexion. So far this has yet to break me out once - a big factor to think about when choosing a facial tanner, so it's one I know I can rely on for some subtle warmth underneath my make up!

* Gifted PR Samples