Warning: this post is currently being written under the influence of some serious jet lag. Rambling and senselessness may ensue..

After a whirlwind seven days in L.A. - and two eleven hour flights that I'd honestly quite like to forget, I'm finally back in the UK! Over the week I definitely embraced the US a lot more than I thought I would; the weather was beautiful, the people were lovely and the coffee came extra large. Our first three days were filled with meetings, panels and parties at Vidcon, which flew by so quickly I barely had time to register how amazing it was to be a part of such a massive community. It's always so overwhelming when I get to see the other side of the camera, and the people that actually take the time to watch and support my videos!

Then came the shopping. I ran into the first Sephora I saw like a child in a candy shop and didn't come out empty handed. An instant upgrade to VIB may have even happened.. Trust me, I won't be buying any more make up for a long, long time to come! At the moment I'm trying to figure out how to break a haul down into manageable chunks, rather than throwing everything into one thirty minute ramble-fest (unless thats actually something you'd all like to see - answers on a postcard below!) so expect there to be a few videos coming up on my US purchases soon!

On the weekend we took an Uber to Santa Monica where we pottered around some more shops, eyed up bags in Kate Spade (where another sneaky purchase may have been made..) and took a stroll along the pier while I snapped as many photos of palm trees as I physically could manage! I went with the full intention of vlogging the whole trip, but definitely forgot to pick up my camera on more than one occasion thanks to the insane schedule we kept to. I'm looking forward to sitting down this week and putting together the clips that I have into something fun for you to watch!

It was a great week, surrounded by some of my favourite people. L.A., I miss you already!

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