I think it would be fair to say that this little space of the internet has suffered quite a bit of neglect in the recent months after possibly the most jam packed few weeks I've had to date! After getting back from L.A. at the end of July (that seems like so long ago now!) I went straight back into travelling and took a week out for some family time in the South of Wales. No 3G, very little internet and the being in the best company made for a perfect getaway by the beach and coming back down and falling into my usual schedule after two amazing weeks away from home has been tough!

Back to reality it has been though and I've been hopping back and forth between London and home on a weekly basis now, which after a two hour train journey there and back has left very little time for much else. Making the move up there is now a debate I have with myself on a daily basis! I also spent yesterday at V Festival in Chelmsford which luckily turned out to be the one sunny day in a handful of rainy ones, hanging out with some of my favourite girls and taking in some great music. Although we didn't stay late enough to catch everyone (the secret Kasabian fangirl inside me definitly shed a tear at missing them!) we managed to catch some amazing acts.

Next week is a fresh start and a clean state though and I plan to dedicate most of it to reorganizing my life, starting as that usually does with my ridiculous floordrobe. Hello, my name is Alix and I am messy. I ordered Marie Kondo's 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying' after seeing so many rave reviews about how it is, indeed, life changing. Let's hope so anyway as a tidy home leads to a tidy mind and hopefully a much more consistent approach to producing content for you all! I've started with a set of step-ladder shelves I picked up from Ikea last week and already feel slightly more at peach with my overflowing amount of mostly needless possessions. I feel an extreme clear out coming!