Excuse the monthly cliché of pointing out how quickly the last four weeks have gone by, but seriously.. what happened to July!? One minute I'm rounding off the last part of #ICovetJune (playlist here if you're still not caught up) and the next it's August and I'm left wondering where the last thirty-one days have vanished to.

I've been living in different time zones and out of a suitcase for most of the month - no doubt a key factor in my confusion, leaving beauty as less of a priority and more of a space saving issue. It's been all about the multi-tasking products! Because of that, I've switched up my usual favourites routine and picked out just five of my most used and most loved products from July. Those favouring something on the less simple side, fear not.. with the amount off stuff I brought back with me on said trips, I can guaranteed you'll be in for an extremely long winded one next month!