My love for Kiehl's has been well documented in the past, to point where if I'm not featuring the brand in a monthly favourites video, something must be up. I really can't get enough of their products and the two newest additions to my collection are no exception.

The Micro Blur Skin Perfector and Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector* both interestingly sit somewhere between make up and skincare. The first is hands down one of the best pore-disguising primers I've ever tried, with a beautiful silky formula that evens out skin texture enough to be used on make up free days to make things look a little softer, as well as under foundation to help with a smoother application while bumping up the lasting power of whatever is being used on top.

As far as the skincare benefits go, the addition of Salicylic Acid and other skin-inclinded ingredients promise to reduce the appearance of pores altogether - a bold claim, as I find most products never come close to tackling the less than desirable large pores I have on my cheeks. I'm yet to see a difference in my actual skin, but the hope that this will eventually show those the door has me reaching for it on a daily basis.

The Dark Circle Perfector has also been an absolutely HG item for me (to the point where I practically hear angels singing as I reach for it in the morning) in disguising those little purple/blue bags that come with being a life-long member of the dark circle club. Whether this is a concealer or an eye cream I still can't wrap my brain around, but it does the job of both by moisturising enough to soften dehydration lines and leave my under eyes feeling fresh while, with just one small dot, erasing the majority of the darkness. Sadly, this is only a quick fix as the effects wash off at the end of the day but it's entirely replaced my need for correctors pre-concealer application.

Two skincare/make up hybrids that definitely get my seal of approval! What's your favourite Kiehl's product?