On Monday I found myself on the train to Brighton yet again (as Suzie keeps saying I should just move there already) to kick off a month of daily vlogging with a visit to the newly opened Breakfast Club on Market Street. One of London's favourite's for the best kind of food - breakfast food of course, the queues are always out the door and usually take longer to get through than my stomach can handle, but at the newly opened Brighton branch we got a table straight away.

Cue the struggle to pick something from the menu. Pancakes, eggs any way you could possibly want them and even a healthy option or two, it was a tough one. In the end I went for poached egg and avocado smash on rye bread and as glorious as it was, the second Suzie's stack of pancakes landed on the table there was instant order regret. I think it's safe to say (after a nibble or two) that we would both recommend them!

Leather Jacket - River Island | Jumper - H&M | Jeans - Asos | Bag - Asos