Another Sunday, another trip to The Tenth Hole in Southsea followed by a few hours spent in the inevitable food coma. This time we went for the savoury option (although a slice of cake may have made it onto our plates later on..) and probably the best mac & cheese I've ever eaten - gooey, cheesy, carb loaded goodness which was definitely worth the fifteen minute wait in the cold you're likely to find most weekends.

After a start to the week that, lets be honest, mostly revolved around food, the next few days turned into a bit of a whirlwind after finally tackling a backlog of blog posts that I've been meaning to get out for weeks - expect to see more regular content soon! On Thursday I found myself on the 10:30 train to London where, after a quick rendezvous with Suzie, I got the chance to preview Charlotte Tilbury's latest collection in collaboration with Norman Parkinson - details to follow next week!

For now though I'll be spending the rest of the weekend at home with family and a box of Maltesers that, although intended as a Mother's day gift, I'll no doubt be polishing off myself around the time this post goes live.. I hope you and your Mums are all having a lovely day!