It's been a while since I did a proper This Week post - let's blame my inability to remember to pull out the camera whenever I'm actually doing something, or the fact that eating food usually takes priority over snapping it. Yesterday though was Suzie's Meet Up in the Brighton Topshop Personal Shopping Space and I tagged along for the day to say hello and managed to meet a handful of the sweetest girls for a good chat over mini cupcakes.

Of course, whenever we get together for the day food has to be involved and we stopped at the Italian Kitchen in Churchill Square for some quick lunch and went a little crazy with the Halloumi - burger for Suzie (which we were convinced contained a whole packet of the stuff) and salad for me as I'm still keen to stick to my goals this year of making sensible choices when it comes to food!

Although it's very much in the early stages - aka just popped into our heads, Suzie and I would love to plan a meet up somewhere together in London to get a chance to meet even more of you, so let us know if that's something you'd come along to or like to see happen this year!