Another day, another Boots haul! Checking the 'New In' section of beauty sites is a bit of a weekly ritual for me and when I spied an interesting looking green edition of my all time favourite mascara, I let out what was definitely a small squeal and mentally booked in a trip to the L'Oreal stand.

The Miss Manga Punky Mascara boasts the same amazing formula but with a new plastic wand and some seriously fluorescent packaging. It actually physically pains me to say I was disappointed with this. The bristles are short and spiky as opposed to the long fibres of the original and left my lashes looking clumpy, uneven and actually wonky in places instead of the thick, full and separated look I've come to expect from Miss Manga. I've tried to love it, but really can't. Stick to the original ladies!

I was also running low on another drugstore favourite - the Archery Pencil from Soap & Glory and (partly swayed by Suzie and this video) I decided to go for the lighter of the two colours, Blondshell. When swatched on my hand this is definitely too blonde for me and a lot warmer than my usual shade, but surprisingly fills in my brows really naturally. I find I can be much more heavy handed with this than the darker Hot Chocolate, which I've now been reserving for shaping the arch of my brows and filling in any super sparse areas.

Of course, it's always hard to escape a good deal in Boots and I ended up picking up a second product from Soap & Glory in the form of their Solar Powder. I really don't need another bronzer in my life, but I'm determined to find the perfect drugstore formula. On first use this actually reminded me the Clarins Bronzing Duo - a firm favourite in the bronzer rankings, and I have to say I'm impressed. This has none of the chalkiness I've come to expect of budget bronzers and is well pigmented with the perfect not too orange, not too muddy shade.

Two loves, one unexpected leave from the latest trip around the aisles. Have you tried any of these three? P.S - If you're into drugstore products, tomorrows video will be very much up your street!

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L'Oreal Miss Manga Punky Mascara
Soap & Glory Solar Powder Bronzer

Soap & Glory Archery Pencil in Blondshell