During a quick stroll down to the sea last week we managed to catch what I'm convinced was the last of the Summer sun - seeing as it's yet to make a reappearance, and took advantage of the light to snap some photos. Coincidentally I happened to match the background in this slouchy green check shirt from H&M that I've been living in most weekends (remind me to pick one up in every other colour) although it won't be long until the leaves start turning orange and Autumn is officially here! Ripped jeans and Birks have also been a staple in my wardrobe recently, although sadly I think it might be time to retire the sandals and switch back to boots after my toes started to get rather chilly on the walk home.

Looking back at the I Covet Thee archives this seems to be my first proper outfit post in over a year - how did that happen!? After the amazing response from my Style Favourites Video I've decided it's about time I re-introduced the style post, so fingers crossed if all goes to plan and my reluctant camera man/boyfriend doesn't mind too much you'll be seeing a lot more to come in the future. For now though keep an eye out this Sunday for a haul in which I attempt to raid the majority of Topshop, H&M and Missguided's stocks!

Flannel Shirt - H&M | Jeans - Asos Ridley | Fedora - Miss Selfridge | Shoes - Birkenstock