I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I have an entire drawer in my bedroom devoted to hair tools. And it's a large one. I've got rollers, crimpers, straighteners and curling wands in abundance and after many a frustrated morning asking myself 'why isn't my hair shiny!?' I've realised these heat tools are probably the ones to blame.

As far as my natural hair texture goes it probably changes as much as my lipstick does. Some days it can dry completely bone straight, others I can get fully formed ringlets in places, but for the most part it ends up in a messy mixture of kinks and waves. Usually I attempt to blow dry these as straight as possible, then re-curl everything and mess it up until - which I've now hilariously realised, it ends up in pretty much the same state it started.

I finally decided to put down the heat tools and focus on the products I've been using instead and have managed to narrow my routine down to just five things, including the wash. There's no coincidence that more than half of them are from Bumble and Bumble as they just do hair so well and the key ingredient in the mix has to be their Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Sulphate Free Shampoo* & Conditioner*. These two leave my hair incredibly bouncy and light while still hydrating enough to tame frizz and stay smooth. After a quick towel dry I'll run a few pumps of the Love + Salt Amongst The Waves Spray* through to add some extra texture, which unlike other drying salt sprays contains coconut oil to nourish and smells absolutely divine.

And that's about it.. I'll tuck my hair behind my ears in an attempt to flatten down my rebellious fringe, which in all honesty isn't even a fringe anymore but still likes to stick out like one, and then let it air dry for as long as I possible before I go to bed. In the morning I'll spray a little of the Bumble and Bubmle Cityswept Finish through the ends and give them a scrunch to add in some piecyness and definition, then the one product I think I'd find it hard to live without - Oribe Dry Texturising Spray through the roots for some much needed volume.

I'll never quite have hair like an Olsen or Alexa Chung, who actually recently admitted that she does absolutely nothing to get it to look that way - I type with incredible jealousy, but I've decided to just work with what I've got and, with the help of a few favourite products of course, I'm actually learning to like it. Plus the extra half an hour in the morning I've saved for napping isn't something to complain about..

* Gifted PR Samples

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Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Sulphate Free Shampoo
Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Sulphate Free Conditioner

Love + Sat Beach Hair & Body Mist
Bumble and Bumble Cityswept Finish

Oribe Dry Texturising Srpay