What's In My Bag videos are without doubt my favourites to watch (call me nosey!) so when a new addition to my collection comes along I think it's only right that you should get to have a peak inside too! I've been eyeing up a leather look backpack after many a loving gaze through Pinterest at some serious effortlessly cool ladies sporting one, but considering I'm neither effortless nor cool I put it off for a long time until it came to planning for our recent trip to Belgium when I knew having both hands free would probably be a good idea. One rather lengthy Asos browse later I spied this little beauty from Warehouse and couldn't say no!

Seeing as this is a different sort of bag, I've thrown together a different sort of video for you detailing all the essentials I've been carrying around with me for the last few weeks. As for the abundance of lip products unknowingly stashed away at the bottom, all I can say is.. I'm sure we've all been there.