I'm not usually one to buy into gimmicky products but after a recent saunter around Topshop (which I'm sure you'll be hearing about in detail soon..) one of the things I couldn't help but bring home with me was a Freckle Pencil. I've always adored the way freckles look and even went as far as drawing them on when I was younger with what I'm pretty sure was an old Rimmel Eyebrow pencil of my Mum's. Since then I've tried to recreate my own little set of beauty marks from time to time - because giving yourself freckles is actually a ridiculously fun thing to do, but they've never looked quite right using just a single liner or shadow.

On closer inspection the Topshop pencil is actually two different shades of brown swirled together to create a marbled effect, ensuring a slightly different toned freckle with each application. The formula is long wearing and waxy too - no suspicious looking smudges here, and keeps foundation looking natural by imitating the look of bare skin even after foundation, concealer and everything else goes on. Plus, when teamed with a good helping of bronzer a smattering of freckles will have you looking positively sun kissed without any of the damage!

This may not be a look for everyone, but one set of faux freckles later I realised that what this really does well is leave you with a bright eyed, youthful look that all the anti-aging creams in the world can't promise. It literally takes off ten years (which if we're doing the maths leaves me at around twelve). Apparently it's also one of Charlotte Tilbury's favourite tricks for keeping make up fresh and young and really, if Charlotte's doing it, why aren't we all doing it!?

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Topshop Freckle Pencil in Forever Young