I often find myself trawling through the over-packed beauty aisles of my local TK Maxx trying to sniff out a bargain or two, but never have I grabbed something and rushed to the checkout as fast as when I spied this little brown can of Oscar Blandi Volumising Dry Shampoo sitting so innocently on the bottom shelf.

As an avid maker of wishlists this has been on my 'if I ever get myself to a US Sephora' roster for a long time, being hailed as the perfect invisible dry shampoo for not only soaking up excess oils but adding just the right amount of texture and pieceiness for some serious beach babe hair - we all know it's the dream.

As far as oil control goes, it's a winner in my book. No matter how liberally I've sprayed there hasn't been a single white streak in sight, but unlike most other invisible dry shampoos I've trialled in the past this actually leaves my hair feeling light and fresh. I'm quite the good-smelling product enthusiast and was a little put off after hearing some compare it's scent to.. ahem, toilet cleaner, but I actually quite like the clean citrus fragrance. This won't quite leave you looking like an Olsen, but it gave my hair enough of a boost to forgo the usual backcomb at the roots and leave it feeling full and bouncy without any extra weight. Let't see how long it takes for me to put in a bulk order from across the pond!

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Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray