Despite the mention in Sunday's Beauty Favourites video, I couldn't not share the true beauty of Benefit's newest release, Majorette* with you all. First off and as with all launches from the brand it gets ten cute points for the packaging which, although designed to immitate a marching band drum, actually reminds me of a pastel macaron goodness - nothing wrong with that. It's definitely pretty enough to display on top of my make up stash rather than tucked away in a draw, and that's a rare thing to say for a blusher.

The formula itself is a cream to powder finish, with a peachy-pink tone which surprisingly is a colour I've yet to acquire on my blush travels (from here to the aisles of Boots, that is). Always a pinky-coral girl I thought this may end up turning a little too orange on my skin, but the combination of the sheer, yet buildable formula and the soft peach translates as a beautiful warm glow.

Benefit actually market this as a 'booster' blush, allowing it to be teamed with any powder product on top to emphasise and prolong the colour. I've always been a fan of layering blush formulas, and the consistency and finish of Majorette is perfect for the job - soft enough to allow powder to be swiped on and sit evenly without any dreaded patchiness but with a slight glow to allow products to cling on for a long wear-time.

I'm not particularly faithful when it comes to my daily blush selection (although theBalm's Frat Boy will always have a soft spot in my heart for the most universally flattering colour ever) but I've been making a b-line for Majorette since first use and have to say - bold statement here, it's probably one of Benefit's best new launches for a long, long time!

* Gifted PR Sample

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Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
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