If there's one skincare product I enjoy the most, it's a good cleansing balm. The feeling of throwing a rich, oily layer right on top of make up and watching it melt away while indulging in a quick facial massage isn't a bad way to spend five minutes in the evening and makes the tedious step of taking it all off a little more bearable. Emma Hardie's Amazing Face Balm was my cleanser of choice for a long time and I'll admit it's still probably the best out there, but after three tubs of the stuff I just felt like a change and something very special came through my letterbox just in time.

Neal's Yard is a brand I'm quickly falling head over heels for and their 10th Anniversary Edition Wild Rose Beauty Balm* now takes the title as one of the prettiest packaged products I own. Its also the thickest, richest and most concentrated cleansing balm I've ever tried, injecting so much moisture that no matter how dehydrated, dry and generally dull looking my skin may be it instantly perks everything up and leaves it plumped and glowing in just a few seconds. Despite being so rich it melts into the skin beautifully, breaking down every scrap of make up, even stubborn mascara and then after a quick sweep of a damp muslin cloth is gone just as easily, no oily residue left behind and no extra scrubbing required.

Those not so into the idea of Rose need not worry as the sweet floral of the rosehip oil is undercut by a spicy note of frankincense - one of my favourite scents, and is so incredibly relaxing! Most nights I find myself feeling drowsy as soon as the lid comes off..

Suffice to say this has become a firm favourite for cleansing and one that I'm happy to pull off the shelf over and over again. Excuse me while I sit at my desk for the next five minutes smelling this wonderful little pot!

* Gifted PR Samples

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