After making the decision to eliminate gluten and dairy from the majority of my diet two months ago it's been quite the struggle to stay strict with my eating habits, especially when it came to cutting out all the sweet treats I was used to gorging on daily, packed full of things I really didn't need to be putting into my body.

Pancakes were definitely one of my biggest cravings, especially fresh on a Saturday morning but I've found my way around it with the simplest of recipes. All you need is a banana, 1 cup of gluten free oats, 1/4 cup of almond milk, half a mango and some cinnamon to taste, all thrown a blender and whizzed up to make a deliciously sweet pancake mixture that cooks up the same way as a normal batter.

Now these don't taste exactly on par with the standard 'milk, egg and flour' pancakes you may usually come across in the kitchen, but they're just as filling and actually leave me feeling a whole lot lighter after munching on a stack, especially when topped with a handful of strawberries and lashings of maple syrup!

I also want to try a chocolate version by adding some raw cacao powder - the antioxidant packed healthy alternative to coco, but we'll see if my baking skills are up to the job. Let me know if you're thinking about giving these a go!