Although red lipstick will always be my one true love it's not a colour that I tend to gravitate towards during the warmer months as it's not hard for it to overpower the face when there's a lot of bright light around - and who wants to think about avoiding red smudges all over your face whilst chowing down on a giant ice cream cone? That being said however I still pine for it, looking longingly through the entire Muji drawer reserved just for the one shade - I have a problem, I know.

Enter my new lipstick love in the form of Lipstick Queen's Jungle Queen and my first foray into the extensive range of colours designed by Poppy King - lipstick aficionado. Is it a coral, is it an orange.. red? I still can't decided, but I love it. As if the colour wasn't perfect enough the formula is beautifully moisturising and leans on the sheer side which makes application a doddle. This one is going to be a staple throughout the season, I can tell!

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Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen