Unfortunately being on the pastier side of things when it comes to skintone I'm always looking for products that are going to add a bit of a 'faux glow' to perk up my complexion from it's usual post-winter grey to something a little more human, while also sparing me a dreaded orange face that looks as if I've bee a little overzealous with the fake tan. Bronzers are the products I usually turn to for this but although they may be the easiest in terms of application, layering up powders can sometimes end up a draining all the life from my skin.

Garnier Miracle Skin a slightly baffeling product which starts off as a standard white cream, resembling any other moisturiser on it's exit from the tube, but on application transforms into a warm tint of colour. First things first, a little bit goes a long way (as I unfortunately discovered on my first heavy handed attempt which involved a swift dousing of Bioderma) but a small amount used as the last step in my skincare routine imparts a warm glow that blends into make up effortlessly - no odd brown patches here. Although the formula may feel light on application, it definitely adds a good boost of moisture making for plumped fresh looking skin. I could even see myself wearing this sans foundation come Summertime - good skin day depending of course!

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