I've been planning a trip to Sprinkles since a new branch of the dessert wonderland opened up in town last year, but every Saturday we've tried the queues have been way out the door - clearly a sign of the good things happening inside. This weekend though I was up bright and early and with the help of the speedy five minute make up routine that I posted about yesterday we were out the door by eleven - well, earlyish anyway.

I had my mind set on a big stack of pancakes but as soon as I saw this magnificent Nutella, Oreo and Banana Waffle creation making it's way to another table, I knew it had to be mine. Unsurprisingly Darren felt the same way. After consuming enough to satisfy us for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner we took a walk around a park in an attempt to work off some of the unimaginable calories and spotted quite a few flowers peaking out from the trees - Spring is definitely here!

On the beauty front I may have made a sneaky order from a certain US site who have just started shipping to the UK. Sephora fever will more than likely be sweeping through England soon and I hear they've also extended shipping to a few other countries as well so congrats if you're from one of them! The only problem is it took me over a week to decided what exactly to buy - or rather, what to take out of my over flowing shopping cart so that it didn't equal up to a month's worth of rent. Details to follow as soon as the package arrives - I'll be waiting patiently at my door every morning until it does, but expect to see purchases from coveted US brands such as Marc Jacobs, Make Up Forever and Tarte. I can barely contain my excitement!