This week the most perfect item of clothing came into my life. For almost a year I've been searching for a camel coloured coat which has turned out to be an almost impossible task. I was besotted with one from Whistles for a while but just couldn't talk myself into parting with so much money all at once. Then there was a H&M number that nearly became the one until ordering it online (and waiting almost a month for it to turn up - please sort out your shipping H&M) only to find it came almost down to my ankles.

I'd nearly given up hope until I saw Suzie in an absolutely perfect Asos Coat which was not only just the right cut but also reasonably-ish priced. The only problem - it was never in my size. I've obsessed like a mad woman over the last month, constantly checking back to see if new stock had come in, refreshing the page over and over again until finally, last week it was there. I may have actually screamed.

We celebrated my small victory by taking it out for a spin with a walk along the seaside just in time to catch the sunset and then dinner at Wagamama (since a new branch recently opened up nearby and it would have been rude not to, of course). Although slightly worrying that my closest noodle fix is now just down the road we had a great meal - Yasai Yaki Soba for me and Chicken Katsu Curry for Darren which were both demolished mere seconds after snapping these pictures. Yum!