Since receiving a nifty little Canon EOS M for Christmas I've made a vow to take more pictures while I'm out and about. From now on I'll be dedicating 'This Week' posts to something slightly fancier than a pile of Instagram snaps for your snippet of the last seven days. Of course, that's all well said and done until you're whipping out a camera in the middle of Pizza Hut while the waiter stands awkwardly beside the table as you try to capture the perfect image of your slice. I don't know how you lifestyle bloggers do it.

After exiting swiftly and leaving a well deserved tip I made a bee-line for one of the few Boots stores I'd yet to visit on my quest for the Revlon Colour Burst Matte Balms - if you've already caught up on my last haul video you'll know I've been mildly obsessing over them for a while. They may be just another addition to the ever growing 'chubby stick' phenomenon that's sweeping across most brands, but bright mattes just do something to me and I couldn't say no. I managed to get my hands on Elusive, Unapologetic and Audacious - three perfect colours that scream Spring to me. Are we allowed to talk about Spring yet? Needless to say I immediately went home and tried them all on. Keep an eye out as I'm sure they'll be featuring heavily on I Covet Thee over the next few weeks!

Last up from this week's musings, Pinterest has officially taken over my life. Late to the game as usual, I spent a good five hours pinning away merrily on my first attempt without even realising - you can follow me here. But apart from losing a few more days of my life to the internet I've developed a bit of an obsession with furniture - who knew? I've even been glancing through adds for flats with the hopes of finding somewhere with high ceilings and wooden floors that would accommodate it all perfectly. A trip to Ikea and a lot of Vittsjö and Trendig later I'm one step closer to a Pinterestable home!

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