Oh hello January! A quick apology for being MIA for a week or two - I've been throughly enjoying the novelty of my first real festive break (those who have also worked in retail will know exactly where I'm coming from) and while chowing down on all the calorie laden food I could get my hands on, beauty has taken a backseat and certainly not for the better.

A combination of excessive chocolate consumption, staying up to catch that last Christmas movie showing until 2am and an onslaught of alcohol sometime in the very early hours of January 1st has caused my skin to throw quite the hissy fit. Now, I wont be making any life changing resolutions or hopping to the gym everyday as we all know it just wont stick, but I've decided to start this year off the right way with a few simple detoxifying steps.

1. Drink more water: No doubt this tops most peoples lists of new years promises and the benefits are staggering for something so simple. Clear skin, boosted energy levels (don't we all need that right now) and a general ridding of toxins are just a few of the many advantaged to be gained from glugging down those two litres a day. I find filling up a jug of water to keep in the fridge the best way to stay on top of your daily water consumption.

2. Body Brushing: Again, another easy peasy sept that takes just a minute pre-shower and comes with a host of body bonuses. Brushing towards the heart in long strokes not only exfoliates skin but also helps with lymphatic drainage - bye bye pesky cellulite, and is the perfect energising start to the day.

3. Mask Up: Masks are definitely one of my favourite beauty products for a quick and easy pamper, but sticking to them consistently for a few weeks should rid my skin of all those pesky chocolate induced blemishes. Glam Glow has been a favourite of mine for a while and this stuff is heavy duty. The mud based mask draws out impurities in minutes and once dry, a splash of water transforms it into an exfoliator. Radiance boosting and deep pore cleansing in one - I'll be keeping to this twice a week until my skin's back to normal.

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Botanics Detox Brush
Glam Glow Mud Mask