This year I'll be adding a new feature to I Covet Thee in which I take a look at a handful of the products I'm 'Currently Obsessed' with. It's rare that a single item gets it's own dedicated post but I often find myself utterly addicted to things, whether that's cosmetics, skincare, hair products - you name it. Anything that falls into the category of 'I will happily wake up ten minutes early just to use you' deserves it's time in the spotlight .. don't judge, we all know I feel about beauty.

This week the Rituals Laughing Buddha Range takes the title and I really have built up quite a collection. I touched on this scent briefly when the Fortune Scrub was included as a magazine freebie but since then my love for the Sweet Orange and Cedar fragrance has grown and grown and I recently made two new additions to the family in the form of the Foaming Shower Gel and Touch of Happiness Body Cream.

These products don't just smell incredible - sweet but with a warm musky undertone that lingers for hours, their textures and formulas are also worth shouting about. The Shower Gel is a particular favourite, coming out of the can in a gel like texture which transforms into a beautifully silky foam - think shaving gel but ten times more luxurious. The Body Cream is also another one that glides on effortlessly, with a texture like butter that sinks in with no residue and keeps my dry Winter limbs nourished all day long.

I really cannot get enough of these products and am already sniffing out the last few items in the range to complete my collection. Obsessed? I think so!

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Rituals Fortune Scrub
Rituals Fortune Shower Oil

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel
Rituals Touch of Happiness Body Cream