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March 2013 Favourites


Yes, I know, it's that time again! My most used products this month have been a small but worthy bunch, from lip scrubs to hairspray with some fake tan thrown in for good measure, click here to see this month's offering on the favourites front.

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New In My Wardrobe

This Week(end) #41


Last night Darren and I suited up to attend a charity ball. A lot of people have asked me about the dress I wore after seeing it on Instagram and it was actually a total bargain that I found in the Tk Maxx Sale. I managed to scoop it up for a crazy £15! In my eyes a red dress is never complete without a red lip, cue a slick of Lady Danger and a few accessories (bag from Primark, shoes from New Look) and I was ready to go. After a four course meal, a lot of wine and some Scottish dancing (which we rocked) I left feeling like I'd been in an episode of Gossip Girl and had a great night!

How was your weekend?

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My MAC Lipsticks


Last week I filmed a MAC Eyeshadow Collection and decided to turn it into a little two-part series buy showing you the lipsticks I own from the brand too. I've always had a bit of a love affair with MAC Lipsticks, but surprisingly can count the amount I own on one hand. If you would however, like to see me rambling on about them with a few swatches thrown into the mix, click here to see the video!

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A Farewell to Dainty Doll?


I've started to notice Dainty Doll disappearing from it's usual stockists over the last couple of months. My local Boots stopped selling it and I've even seen a few bits popping up in Tk Maxx, but it wasn't until I stumbled across the whole range majorly discounted online that I began to fear it might soon be discontinued. I've been a big fan of the brand for a long time; catering to the fairest skins, the colours and foundation shades have always worked well for me.

I wen't into a bit of a panic mode and decided I had to have every single blush colour I could get my hands on (plus a few other bits!). Believe it or not these were all down to £1.99 each at Fragrance Direct. Yes, you read that right, £1.99. Considering these usually retail at around £14 I don't think you can blame me!

I've done quite a lot of Googling on the matter and can't actually find a definitive answer to whether or not Dainty Doll is being discontinued. I really hope not as I think a lot of people would be stuck without it, so fingers crossed they're just going through some sort of major repackaging phase? For now though, I think I might just be making a second order!

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Nude Nails


Essie Topless & Barefoot, Model's Own Nude Beige, Essie Sand Tropez, Nails Inc Porchester Square

Staying with the theme of my last post I've been hopping on-board the neutral train when it comes to nails as well as lips this month. Despite my nail polish collection being full of every colour under the sun it's the pale nudes and the greyish beige tones I've been reaching for most lately.

Essie seem to have an overwhelming range of nude colour to take your pick from, two of which I reach for regularly; Sand Tropez, a cool toned beige which along with my skin tone gives a real 'mannequin hands' look and Topless & Barefoot, a similar creamy finish but with a soft pink hue. I don't quite think you can quite beat the longevity and the application of an Essie these days, but a few others that have been dug out of the depths of the collection to add to the list of neutrals I'm loving. These include my first ever Models Own purchase from back in the day; Nude Beige. It's a touch darker than the rest and has a quite prominent warm pink undertone. Last of all we have Nails Inc Porchester Square which I've been most besotted with lately, it might just take the title of 'perfect greyish nude' and has a hint of lilac shot through for good measure. I love how elegant this shade looks!

So the big question is, do you go nude? If so, what's your favourite neutral colour?

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Topshop Macaroon Lipstick


It's not often I feel compelled to blog about a singular lipstick shade, but I've absolutely fallen in love with Macaroon from Topshop. As far as my relationship with lipsticks go, I'm a bit all or nothing. I love a good bright red and have even been known to do the weekly Tesco run in a floro orange hue, but when it comes to anything slightly neutral I tend to shy away and just slick on a bit of lip balm instead.

I think my problem has always been getting the right tone for a neutral lip. I usually end up with something that has too much blue and makes me look slightly zombie-fied, or a colour with a lot of brown that doesn't do anything for me. Macaroon sits perfectly in the 'pink zone'. A slightly warm toned pink with the smallest hint of coral. I've been a big fan of the Topshop formulas for a while and this one doesn't disappoint. It has a slight matte finish but still hydrates the lips feeling creamy as well as being super pigmented. I think it's neutral love!

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What's In My Bag


Céline Inspired Tote Bag - eBay

This Céline inspired eBay purchase has recently come into my life and it's love. I've been lusting after the original for a long, long time but some how I don't think I'll quite be able to afford that in my lifetime! I didn't think there was a better excuse than a new bag to do another What's in my Bag Video - one of my favourite things to watch on YouTube, and hopefully now, yours too! Click here to see everything I carry around on a daily basis and believe me, it's jam packed!

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This Week #40


01. Mother's Day flowers / 02. Outfit of the night: Asos top, New Look jacket, faux Celine bag / 03. Unfortunately the overly large deserts weren't both for me / 04. Onion ring tower on my aubergine stack! / 05. Essie's Absolutely Shore jazzed up with a few stick on stars / 06. My little Parsley plant that, as predicted, died before I got a chance to use it. RIP. / 07. Cookies! / 08. So much love for Imogen Poots being on the cover of the Asos magazine / 09. An afternoon snack of home made nutella on digestives! / 10. Strawberries and granola for breakfast / 11. A snippet from my last outfit post / 12. Mumsie onesie! / 13. Rocking one hell of a flowery dress back in the day.

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The Midi Dress

Dress: Primark
Jacket: New Look
Necklace: H&M
Boots: Topshop
Lips: Bourjois Rouge Edition in 10

I'm not usually one for a midi, nor am I really that into bodycon but I loved the style and the material of this long sleeve marl dress from Primark. It's quite thin and therefore very unforgiving I have to say, but with a good pair of tights to hold everything in it makes for a nice transition between a winter outfit and something for the warmer weather now we've got a bit more sun. I often wonder if I'm boring you with my endless Primarni outfits (and slight addiction) but it's pretty much the first place I seem to head these days!

Brand Spotlight: Dr Jart


Dr Jart Waterfuse BB Cream, Water-Max Sleeping Mask & Bubble Foam

Every now and then a brand will come along that I just won't be able to get enough of, and this month it's Dr Jart that's dominating my beauty regime.

It all began with a purchase of their signature BB Cream, the first of the brands products to be launched in the UK in four different variations. I chose the Waterfuse which claims to be an Oil-free yet hydrating product, keeping the skin's water levels balanced for a dewy, fresh look and protected with SPF 25. I find this gives more coverage than the average BB and leaves the skin with a subtle glow that lasts all day. The one drawback however is that it's only available in one shade. It is slightly darker than my skin, but I find if I blend it in well and make sure I take the product down the neck it becomes very wearable. This is actually the only one of these much overhyped BB Creams that's ever impressed me enough to earn a place in my collection of most used bases.

After discovering Dr Jart had brought out a range of skincare too, albeit a highly priced one, I went a little mad and purchases two products on a whim. The Water-Max Sleeping Mask jumped out to me as (need I explain again) I'm already a big fan of the Origins version. I find this isn't quite as hydrating but is great for layering on top of serums when you want to stick to your normal evening regime but add some extra moisture into the mix. I also find this works exceptionally well when mixed with another product that I've been using liberally this month (post to come soon!).

Last of all the Bubble Foam, a rich foaming cleanser which aims to deeply cleanse and refine pores, has probably become my favourite of them all. I mainly use this along with my Clarasonic as the consistently is perfect for giving enough product for the brush to work with without overwhelming my face with bubbles! It's packed with Sage and Witch Hazel extracts which help to calm the skin and leave it mattified without any drying or tight feeling.

I think I should also add, as it is one massive criteria for me, that not one but all of these products smell amazing too. Fresh and fruity, and all extremely pleasant to use on the skin. I highly recommend Dr Jart to anyone that want's to try it. I'll be hopping over to Boots to stock up on the rest of the range!

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My MAC Eyeshadow Palettes


I'm not a particularly massive MAC user, but over the last few years I've built up quite a nice little collection of products, the bulk of these being eyeshadows. Well pigmented, long lasting and part of an intense colour range, they really are some of my favourites. Here's a little nosy into my collection!

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Nicola Daly Coveted Phone Case


Nicola Daly Coveted Phone Case - £41*

I was lucky enough to received this amazing phone case from my good friend Nicola Daly who runs She specialises in bespoke customising with Swarovski Crystals and can stone pretty much anything you could think of. She's worked for a host of celebs and now has created this beautiful phone case design in honour of me!

The Coveted phone case is available in gold, silver, pink, red, blue and black (I've got my eye on that one!) and can be made for iPhones 4/4s and 5. She's also offering a 15% discount when you quote 'I Covet Thee' on the order form.

The amount of sparkle from the crystals is incredible, these photos really don't do it justice. Take a look at this video of one of Nicola's other designs showing just how glittery they are!
* Gifted PR Samples

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