Every so often a well viewed video will pop up in the recommended section of my YouTube feed and I'll get a guilty reminder that I'm not giving my skin proper care I should. Said video is the simply titled 'How to Clean Your Face' - a two part look at the right way it should be done, filmed by Into The Gloss (my beauty bible) with Isabelle Bellis, facialist extraordinaire who as well as being an expert on all things skin, oozes effortless French Girl chic that I'm forever longing for.

I highly recommend a good couple of views, pen in paper in hand ready to take notes, but to sum up her basic rules are no matter which products you use, application is key and taking time to have a moment and gain a strong understanding and connection with your skin is essential. One thing that I often skimp out on in favour of being swaddled in pyjamas and siting down to whatever's caught my attention on Netflix as quickly as possible is the facial massage. Spending time with your skin clearly couldn't be more important so from now on I've made a vow to work in those products with a little more thought and attention.

The most basic version of a skin massage and something I feel comfortable doing daily is made up of three simple movements. Fancy terms aside - Effleurage and Pianotage if you're into all that, start with firm moves up the neck to tone and lift, sweep from the centre of the face outward to drain the lymphatic system of toxins and finish with a light patting of the skin with the fingertips to improve circulation.

I've been incorporating this step when applying my evening moisturiser, currently Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser, with a drop of Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Face Oil* mixed in for that extra slip necessary for movement across the face. Even from the first attempt you'll see a difference. Skin feels alive, invigorated and of course boasting a just-massaged glow. When was the last time you really took a moment with your skin?

* Gifted PR Sample

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