01. Can't go wrong with some Primark Christmas lounge wear | 02. Using Sunday Shampoo on a Monday .. rule breaker. | 03. Singing in the streets of Winchester | 04. The prettiest place to be at Christmas | 05. Red beauty product preparation | 06. Sitting on a hill admiring the view | 07. Christmas bedding is officially on | 08. Nothing more festive than a Starbucks red cup.

Must Watch of the Week: Mind if I shamelessly plug my own video? Alright then! I haven't spoken about it on this blog but I've been jumping head first into vlogging this month and trying my hand at Vlogmas. Slightly different to how the pros are doing it (and many an awkward public camera moment might I add) I'll be breaking it up into four easy to view parts going up at the end of each week. Part One can be seen here and I've left Part Two below for your viewing pleasure! For those who aren't so inclined to watching ten minutes of my own face my favourite Vlogmas so far this year has come from Essie Button. The often hilarious and always watchable snippets of her day are becoming slightly addictive and of course, how adorable is Reggie?!

Wishing For: I announced it in yesterday's post and I'll say it agin right now. I really really want to get my hands on the Naked 3 Palette. It may be the biggest beauty blogger chiché of all time but after being a little underwhelmed with their second offering it looks like third times a charm for this beautiful collection of rose tinted neutrals. Fingers crossed I can get one before they're all sold out!

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