01. A bedroom rearrange resulting in a new cosy little corner | 02. I'm by no means a coffee drinker, but sometimes Monday morning just calls for some caffeine | 03. Christmas party time! | 04. An outfit snippet featuring my toasty new jumper from Asos | 05. The Christmas lights are officially on! | 06. Ready to get cracking on The Body Shop Advent Calendar, resisting the urge to rip this open is very hard. | 07. Burning my first official Christmas Candle of the year - Yankee Snowflake Cookie.

Product of the Week: You may have thought I couldn't possibly mention it one more time, but the Topshop Velvet Lips in Velveteen Ribbon has been quite literally glued to my lips since it's purchase. I'm always partial to some red lip action but this slightly vampy burgundy hue has become a permanent fixture in my make up look. Super long lasting, smudge free an intensely pigmented, it's a travesty these don't come in more colours.

YouTube Series of the Week: This week my subscription feed has been saturated with Christmas Gift Guides and I've been greedy making my way through them all, shopping list and pen in hand. Think of it as having you're own team of personal shoppers picking out the best of Christmas gifting which I guarantee you'll end up wanting for yourself. A few favourites come from Anna - keep an eye out for her genius Muji idea, Lisa Eldridge - the ultimate guide for those seriously into the beauty world and Fleur & Mike - an always handy guide for the man in your life!

'I Need You In My Life' of the Week: Black Friday hit this week and my inbox was flooded with a host of incredible deals from my favourite beauty brands. One that particularly caught my eye was the 30% off sale at Omorovicza, boasting cult products from the Queen of Hungary Mist to the Thermal Cleansing Balm. I've been struggling not to buy it all but it's the Introductory Kit that's caught my eye, containing five travel sizes of Omorovicza's most loved products including the two just mentioned. This deal actually lasts until Monday so I'm giving myself one more day to weight up the pros and cons, although I'm sure we can all guess what's going to happen..

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