It won't come as a surprise that I like to have a beauty product - or five, to hand when possible and if you were to take a quick tour of my home you'd more than likely find them occupying every flat surface available. They're often grouped in places I frequent the most and my desk where I spend the bulk of the day writing up posts, editing videos or just scanning endlessly though blogs (all in the name of research of course..) has turned into a buffet of beauty now neatly packaged in my very own personalised Muji draw thanks to the geniuses at Birchbox. Could I feel more fancy?

Hand cream is always an essential and my love for The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector is still going strong. The thickest, richest cream out there that hydrates like no other and still manages to sink in instantly leaving fingers grease free and ready for squirrelling away at those keys - I've even grown to like it's slightly funky smell. Still in the balm family but for times when I need to take the moisture up a notch, Weleda's Skin Food serves as the ultimate for dry cuticles, nobly elbows and any other areas that are calling out for hydration. Lip balm is also a must and after dabbling in a bit of Lanolips and pondering a purchase from By Terry its still the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm that has my heart. I've lost count of how may of these warm honey scented pots I actually own but when dry lips need immediate rescue, it doesn't come much better than this.

On days when I know I'll just pottering around at home I'll skip the make up step and amp up the skincare. My complexion has turned into quite the dry mess since the cold weather hit so I've been keeping Aurelia's Cell Repair Oil* at hand for hourly top-ups. Not only does this sample size come in the cutest little pipette equipped bottle, it offers up just the right amount of slick to massage into dry areas without leaving anything but a soft glow on my skin. Finish with a spritz of Caudalie's Beaty Elixir*, now in it's beautiful limited edition L'Wren Scott designed bottle, a refreshing and hydrating boost of sweet herbal mint. Sometimes I spray this liberally around the room to immerse myself in it's calming scent.

If things are getting to the point of complete near-breakdown however, eg. that video you spent three hours setting up and filming didn't record with sound - ouch, a pump of Origins Peace Of Mind dabbed behind the ears and on pulse points takes the stress levels down a few notches. I also like to bring this with me whenever I travel as not only does it aid in all kinds of transport induced sickness but also helps me relax in the occasional rush hour tube situations - the ultimate calming multitasked.

Throw in a sweet smelling candle and a stack of stationary - I'm always a sucker for the pastel hues of the Martha Stewart range, and I'm good to go for hours!

* Gifted PR Samples

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