This week I came to an inevitable conclusion; I own too much make up. Take a wander around my bedroom and you'll probably find cosmetics peaking out from every nook and cranny. Blushers on the bedside table, lipsticks lined up along the window sill and at least three of four forgotten palettes lying dormant under the bed (which is most unfortunate for the boy who has to share it with me as they're usually stuffed under his side). I'd already dabbled in some Muji storage and bought a two draw unit last year but after getting frustrated with only being able to squeeze a minimal amount in there things invariably ended up migrating out and around, covering my dressing table and hiding the goods that were left untouched in those acrylic draws.

Being spurred on by the slightly more laid back approach I find myself having with make up these days I decided it was not only time to invest in more Muji - well duh!, but also reign in my out of hand cosmetics cave. The set up now stands at four draws high, each catering to a different product. Lipsticks, Cheeks, Eyes and Foundation - everything you could ever need for a full face of make up. Still lacking on space a tad, albeit better than before, this means only the absolute cream of the crop make it in to the coveted on-table storage. But don't worry, the rest haven't been forgotten and are neatly organised away in my other new storage best friend - the aptly named Ikea Alex. Nine draws standing at well over a meter high that could house even the Kardashian's make up stash ... well, probably not. It's become a new Sunday ritual to have a nosey inside and see if I deem anything worthy of being promoted to the Muji draws for use during the week.

The big make up shake-around has actually lead to the re-discovered of a few old friends, including Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation which is serving up a healthy dose of glow to my complexion and Benefit's Hoola Bronzer, my current cheekbone-carver of choice. Who knew organisation could pay off so well!

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