It wasn't too long ago that I found myself professing a love for all things deep, dark and berry when it came to nails this Autumn and I've been quite content layering on a dose of Chanel Rouge Noir or Essie Sole Mate throughout the month. On a recent browse of Feel Unique however - scouting out yet more burgundy tones, I spied one of Nails Inc's new additions: Sheraton Street*. Albeit the complete opposite of what I wanted, something about the dusky grey blue caught my eye and it was swiftly added to the cart. There's been a lot of talk of pastels for Autumn, from the runways of Fashion Week to THAT Topshop Coat and while I may not be about to drop nearly £90 on a fluffy pink number I can certainly stretch to bringing pastels out in my Nail Wardrobe.

The polish itself isn't like anything I've seen before - something important when planning another addition to my hoard. I'd almost describe it as icy, like the top of a frozen lake making it a perfectly timed purchase for the colder months. Like any pastel it's application is a little tricky, theres the odd bit of streaking which means two coats are a must, but with this shade I'm certainly prepared to do the legwork.
* Purchased with a gifted PR voucher
Rings: Topshop & River Island
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