As far as the relationship between myself and my eyebrows go, we haven't always got along. They constantly find ways to defy me, either growing too much or not enough, being so sparse at times my forehead just looked bald or possibly worst of all, refusing to grow as far down as they should and cutting of somewhere just past the arch giving me a 'brows to small for my face' kind of effect. Over time however, I've managed to build up a repertoire of products that keep the pesky things in line.

First up, maintenance and for that I always have my trust pair of Tweezermans on hand. I like to keep on top of things by leaving these on the bathroom shelf so I can pluck out any newly emerged strays on a daily basis rather than sitting down for an hour and tear-jerkingly extracting a whole bunch at once. These tweezers are definitely as good as they come and although a bit more pricy than your average pair of Boots-own, they've certainly stood the test of time for me and remain as precise as the day I got them.

I'm also a big fan of the eyebrow-tinting. Not being blessed with particularly dark brows at all I like to give them some natural colour to tide me over on those no make up days, and also save myself a whole lot of work with it comes to filling them in. Coloursport's 30 Day Mascara has always been my dye of choice, but since finding it impossible to get hold of anywhere and therefore assuming it must be discontented, I opted for Eyelure's Dybrow which if I'm honest works exactly the same. Just mix up a small drop of the dye and developer, leave on for ten minutes and wipe off to leave perfectly tinted brows that not only look like they're just naturally darker, but by picking up a lot of those extremely fair unnoticeable hairs helps to thicken them out a lot too.

Secondly comes the actual construction of the perfect shape. If I'm feeling lazy I'll simple opt for a pencil. I've found the L'Oréal Brow Artiste* in Brunette is a great colour match for me and also has the perfect consistency - not to hard, not too soft, that's essential in a brow pencil. As if that wasn't good enough, this one also comes with a setting wax and a brush to comb them through, making it the easy choice for that well known morning rush or even to throw in your bag for the journey. When I have a little more time however, I'll always opt for a powder.

I find this the most natural way to give my brows some much needed definition and the cool, ashy tones of MAC's Charcoal Brown and Omega eyeshadows to be perfect for this. I use a mix of the two on an angled brush (again, the best I've found is also from MAC in the form of a 266) and try to keep it softer and lighter at the front, progressing to darker and more sharply defined towards the arch and ends.

The newest brow discovery for me comes int he shape of Maybelline's Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara. I'm usually one to stick to a clear gel to set everything in place but this differs as it offers a tint of colour. The shade Medium Brown not only works well on top of the powder to set and keep the colour going for longer, it also works really well just brushed through bare brows, darkening them slightly for a more natural look, but still keeping them polished and in their place.

What are your product picks for a good brow?
* Gifted PR Sample

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