Certain times of day call for a certain set of products and getting in to bed is no exception. I always like to keep a small array of beauty bits on my bedside table to use in those few minutes after snuggling down into the duvet.

The main bulk of the products are hand related as I prefer to paint my nails at the end of the day to give them plenty of drying time. The polish of the moment stands in this beautiful glass dish which I picked up for a mere 50p (never underestimate a charity shop!) along with O.P.I's Avoplex Cuticle Oil which I've been trying to get into using more regularly. This stuff not only smells incredible by does and amazing job of softening and improving those ragged edges and I love the brush on applicator. After that it's a nice thick blob of The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector, slightly too rich for day use and a tad smelly as well but perfect when you've got all night to let it sink in. Last up I follow with lashings of the Nuxe Reve de Miel Balm, the undisputed expert when it comes to lip-nourishment.

I'm in no way a troubled sleeper but sometimes find it hard to drift off so I have a little army of tools to help the job along. For anyone who experiences this as well, This Works have possibly the biggest and best range of products to help you relax at the end of the day. Two of my favourites include their Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, a light herbal infused mist and the Sleep Balm, slightly more heavy duty product which I like to rub onto my pulse points, both of which help make me a little more heavy eyed. I also keep a notepad beside me to quickly jot down any thoughts or ideas I have swimming around in my brain that are stopping me going to sleep, a simple fix but something that really works!

Possibly my favourite part of my bedside set-up though is the actual table itself. This pretty Fretwork Nightstand* was kindly sent to me buy Out There Interiors, a website full of beautiful home-wear items from furniture to accessories that have me wishing for more space so I could fit them all in! The table is part of their Painted French Furniture collection but I've also been adoring the style of the Venetian Mirrored Furniture too which is all incredibly elegant and would make for some perfect bedroom pieces.

What are your bedside must haves?
* Gifted PR Sample

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