When people visit a new town or city I'm sure they enjoy taking in the culture, finding great places to eat and exploring. For me however, locating the nearest Boots is on the top of the list and seeing if I can scope out and new brands that my tiny local doesn't stock. Call me sad, I know. On my trip up to Wales last week we stopped off at Swansea which to my surprise had the most decked out store I'd seen outside of London. I had a small fit of excitement when I came across the Liz Earle counter (since when!?) but I was immediately drawn to the nail section which hosted a multitude of brands including Butter London.

Always a sucker for packaging, I loved the elegantly squared bottles and on being presented with their Spring 2013 collection on the top shelf I was surprisingly drawn to the mint green offering, Fiver. Having recently professed my love for all things bright, coral and in your face when it comes to nails this is quite a departure from whats been gracing my finger tips as of late, but I picked it up anyway!

This being my first sampling of the brand and knowing how notoriously tricky pastel formulas can be, I'm not sure if it's just the one shade or all of them, but it wasn't half a pain to get on. Streaky, uneven and requiring three whole coats to get it perfect, this is but no means the best nail polish I've ever used but the colour I absolutely love. Just the right shade of mint green and pale enough for my liking. It's definitely tempted me to try more from Butter London, especially the stunning bronze glitter explosion Bit Faker. Summer holiday in a bottle!

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