I think it's pretty fair to say that I love a new beauty buy. Trying something for the first time, testing it to it's full extent then onto the next one and repeat is definitely my idea of a good time, feel free to judge me. Therefore when an actual repurchase is made it's usually something to shout about and when it gets to the point of occupying a permanent list of things to buy as soon as they run out (and even sometimes requiring one or two backups in the cupboard) then you have my ultimate trusted beauty products.

Starting off with the make up remover that currently has two twins ready and waiting in my beauty stash, Bioderma Sensibio H20. I've certainly shopped around when it comes to Micellar waters and although one or two nearly came close, there really is no comparison to the ultimate. Thankfully this one is now slightly easier to get hold of, being stocked on www.escentual.com and also in the odd independent pharmacy if you can find (like I did at Zest Pharmacy on Broadwick Street which resulted in me raiding half their supply). The other make up buster that goes hand in hand with Bioderma is the Clarins Instant Eye Make Up Remover. This two-part wonder effortlessly cuts through any type of eyeliner, long-wear shadow and maraca: waterproof or not, that you can think of and although there may be a vast number of bi-phase removers out there, this one is certainly worth the price tag.

Making it's thousandth appearance on I Covet Thee comes the best moisturising treatment in town, the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. For the amount I use this stuff I'm surprised I'm only on tube number three but a little goes a long way and a small blob is all you need to wake up to the most radiant looking skin you've ever seen. Another moisture booster thats crept it's way into my routine and now become a staple is Hydraluron, a gel-like serum that helps get the most out of whatever is layered on top and lock in the hydration all day long. Boots often have these on 3 for 2 and when they do a handful is always swiftly thrown into my shopping basket.

Last of all a game changer in the nail department, O.P.I Nail Envy, a strengthener that can either be used as a base coat or a week long treatment. My nails were non-existent until I found this and although it actually pains me to shell out nearly £20 every few months for it, I can't say no to the product that took my nails from stumpy and brittle to long and strong.

What are your most repurchased items?

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