If you'd asked my opinion on a tinted moisturiser two or three years ago I would have more than likey looked at you with confusion. I was an Estée Lauder Double Wear girl through and through and nothing less than full coverage was coming anywhere near my face. I like to think that as I've gotten older and matured (albeit only ever so slightly) I've taken a step back from seeking the uber-flawless face and learnt to embrace my skin for what it is .. for the most part. I'll still happily layer on a good helping of Laura Mercier Silk Creme on special occasions but more often now I've been opting for a lighter finish and especially as we're finally starting to see some Sun peeking through the clouds, it's quite refreshing to step out in a breathable base. Here are my top picks.

The Tinted Moisturiser: My first foray into sheer bases and undoubtedly still one of my favourites. Laura Mercier's range of Tinted Moisturisers certainly cater to all skin types but it's the Oil Free version that floats my boat. As far as tinted moisturisers go this one definitely has the benefit of reasonably good coverage but thanks to the formulation doesn't sit heavily on the skin, sinking in enough to give an unnoticeable but smoothed complexion just a few minutes after application. When they say oil free, they really mean it and this can be vouched for my my rather impressively shine free nose after a long day of wear without touchups.

The BB Cream: I'm a little sceptical when it comes to the term 'BB'. The marvel product from across the seas has definitely been turned into something a little gimmicky as it's been Westernised. I've tried a few and felt okay about the whole thing but it wasn't until the Vichy Idéalia BB Cream* made it's way into my life that I really started to be impressed. For the most part these creams are just a glorified tinted moisturiser, but what I love about this one is how incredibly lightweight it feels on the skin, rather impressive considering it contains an SPF 25. Although I may not have noticed any skincare benefits, the fact that I can't tell I'm wearing this until looking in a mirror and seeing it's skin tone evening effects definitely makes it a winner.

The Buildable Coverage: MAC I rate among the highest of the highs .. their foundations however, I don't. Odd colours and bad oxidisation just don't do it for me but hiding amongst it all is one little gem of a foundation, Face and Body. The buildable coverage of this product is down to it's thin liquid consistency which can be blended in ever so lightly to give the sheerest wash of colour or layered up gradually giving the skin a gorgeous dewey glow. I reserve this mostly for evenings as I find it has the best staying power of the four and the pared-down natural finish works wonders teamed with a smokey eye.

The Skin Finish Foundation: For those that still go wobbly at the thought of anything less than a medium coverage, I give you the foundation that looks like you're not wearing any - but in a good way. Revlon's Nearly Naked is certainly a 'does what it says on the tin' case with a texture that I've found to be quite unique. As you smooth the product on (I find fingers serve this one best) it instantly blends into the skin and leaves a soft satin finish, not quite glowy, not quite matte, just the perfect 'actual skin' look. The downfall is it can be known to cling to dry patches, but with a good moisturiser this one will have you converted from full coverage in no time.

What are your sheer base must haves?
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