As much as I love a good bath the process of pouring, adding various lotions and potions, getting in and then actually enjoying it is just far too time consuming for my daily routine and therefore gets reserved for special occasions. Showers are a lot more convenient but I'm not one to skimp on the preening aspect of a soak and have found some quick fixes that leave me feeling just as pampered.

Soap & Glory Pulp Friction: Exfoliating can be a messy business but Soap and Glory's Pulp Friction makes light work of it. It's foaming scrub which clings to the skin and gives a thorough exfoliation without having to worry about half the product ending up on the floor. The stand alone tube is also a big plus, no awkward scooping required here!

Venus & Olay Razor: Venus have teamed up with Olay to created a razor thats all about moisture. I'll usually pick up whatever's on offer but the two large moisture bars packed with a rich skin conditioner not only eliminate the need for a separate shave product but leave legs beyond super smooth. A product that not only works, but saves you money? Check.

Nivea In-Shower Bosy Moisturiser: To me moisturising after a shower is necessary but an absolute chore. The like minded buffs at Nivea seem to have cottoned on to this as they've just released the In-shower Body Moisturiser. A similar idea to Shower Oils but with a with a thicker cream texture, I use this all over after cleansing the skin, wait a minute or so then wash it off. Although at first it may feel like it's not done much, once you've towelled off the hydration it injects becomes apparent and body lotion can be skipped all together!

Charles Worthington Volume Treatment: While the body maintenance is going on I usually multi-task with a hair masque. On the spotlight at the moment is the Charles Worthington Instant Amplifying Volume Treatment, a rinse-off weightless jelly that I use in place of conditioner every time I feel like my hair could do with an extra boost. The gel texture infuses each individual hair fibre with Collagen, plumping it up substantially without leaving any residue.

What are your in-shower must haves?

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