Although the Spring weather seems to be wavering slightly in England lets cheer ourselves up with the seconcd part of my Spring Edit and four lovely perfumes that make me think dreamily of blue skies and short skirts.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche: Possibly the first perfume I ever fell head over heels in love with, this little green bottle will always have a place in my fragrance roster no matter the season, but Spring I think is when it really stands out as the scent I can't get enough of. Light, zesty and above all packet with warm citrus it lingers on the skin and oozes the feeling of a fresh Spring afternoon.

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess: If the smell of holidays in the sun could be bottled, this would be it. The perfect combination of coconut, vanilla and citrus with a slightly musky edge that makes me want to do nothing but bung on a bikini and sit by the pool sipping something with an umbrella in it! It's the sort of perfume that just seems to radiate from within, almost as if it's an enhancement of your natural scent. I can never stop smelling my wrist when I'm wearing this.

Stella McCartney Lily Absolute: Floral perfumes have never really been my forte and Lily of the Valley always seemed like an old fashioned scent in my mind but the notes of spicey black pepper and amber in this fragrance bring it back to life in a mysterious but beautiful way. The word sensual springs to mind when I wear this perfume, but it's still light and fresh enough to wear on a sunny day.

Chloé: I don't think there's another perfume out there quite like Chloé. I can never put my finger on the actual notes, which are warm amber, honey and cedar wood all blended with the scent of roses, although its not the soft sweet floral that you would imagine. It's elegant and definitely strong, but couldn't be more chic. I usually reserve this one for soft Spring evenings as its the deepest of these four fragrances. This is also truly the longest lasting perfume I've ever come across, I'm sure if you didn't wash for a week (although I don't advise that!) you'd still be able to smell this. Also, could the vintage style bottle be any prettier?

What's your favourite Spring fragrance?

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